Agency Insight

Agency Insight gives you a 30,000 foot view of your agencies book of business and configurable key performance indicators. It gives point and click access to New, Lost, and Renewal business in a drill down format that slices and dices your agencies book over selected time periods and categories. You start at the top and can drill down all the way to the policy level for an individual customer. This management tool is a must have for monitoring your agencies performance. Currently supports TAM and Sagitta but our adapter technology will support any agency management system. It adopts a unique method for combining multiple offices into a single coherent view of your business.


DataX extracts data from the Sagitta, TAM and Infinity Agency Management Systems and converts into a SQL database. It is made up of two main components:
  • DataX Server The DataX Server is comprised of an Application Server, Postgres Database Server, Data Transporters, and Data Convertors. The Application Server is an Apache/Tomcat/Java based web application that allows securely logged in administrators to configure and queue extraction jobs. The Postgres Server is an open source SQL database platform that is the target of all extractions. The Data Transporters connect thru known TCP/IP ports to specific Data Providers running on different legacy platforms. The Data Convertors receive the data from the Data Transporters and convert it to Postgres-supported data types. The entire DataX Server runs on a Linux environment and can connect to an unlimited number of Data Providers installed on multiple systems across a network.
  • Data Providers The Data Providers are Unix daemons or Windows Services that run on the agency management database servers. They listen to known TCP/IP ports for connections initiated from the DataX Server Data Transporters. The Data Providers accept commands from the Data Transporters which instruct them to read data from the native legacy databases. Some Data Providers do minor manipulations and filtering to the data and all encrypt the data before transferring it back to the DataX Server. The current Data Providers offered by DataX are pickserve (Sagitta), iserve (Infinity) and TFServ (TAM).

Document and Image Extractor

Extract your images from your document management system for backup and / or conversion into a new DMS. Currently works with Lumtron's AccuraImage product. Call for pricing.

Infinity and Sagitta Transition Servers (ITS and STS)

If you have an old IBM RS6000 in your office that runs INfinity or Sagitta, this product will give you piece of mind by moving your customer and policy information onto a modern operating system with a read-only browser interface. It support all policy types. Contact us for a demo. Also available in a small form factor black box

Mobile AMS

Mobile AMS gives you access to your insurance accounts and information directly from your mobile phone. Mobile AMS works with both TAM and Sagitta agency management systems out of the box. It securely updates your mobile site nightly and gives you instant access to your information. In addition is comes bundled with AgencyInsight on your mobile device. Mobile AMS is available for a low quarterly license fee based on the number of mobile devices installed.